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Welcome, we have film reviews

Watch, dissect, reflect.

We like films and television series and

we have built Dissection&Reflection as a vessel to carry our thoughts on moving pictures to you, our readership. 


Meet the faces of Dissection & Reflection:

Alexandra, (PhD student)

Neuroscience researcher who can’t live without art. Aspiring filmmaker, have been dabbling in film production and critique for the past two years. Was incredibly happy to co-found Dissection & Reflection and grateful to be given opportunities to attend film festivals and collaborate with some awesome outlets. Favourite film of all time is “The Empire Strikes Back” and I may have cried watching “Cars”. I have a soft spot for Stanley Kubrick. I have a drama-documentary on life in Eastern Europe fully written in my head, and a proper adaptation of “The Count of Monte Cristo”. I like good chips and I cannot lie. 

Christiana, (High school student)

High school student living life through motion pictures and vintage music, aspiring to become a film critic and producer. I’m currently writing for Dissection & Reflection and looking forward to going to uni and studying Film. I wish I could use a time machine and visit a reality in which I have not seen “Dark” and “Interstellar” yet, so I could experience all the emotional turns and witness the mind-blowing plot twists once again. My favourite directors are Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino and Wes Anderson, because their features are quite polar opposites.

Enjoy irresponsibly,

Alexandra and Christiana


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