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Welcome, we have film reviews

Watch, dissect, reflect.

We like films and television series and

we have built Dissection&Reflection as a vessel to carry our thoughts on moving pictures to you, our readership. 


Meet the faces of Dissection & Reflection:

Co-founder: Alexandra, (PhD student)

Neuroscience researcher who can’t live without art. Aspiring filmmaker, have been dabbling in film production and critique for the past two years. Was incredibly happy to co-found Dissection & Reflection and grateful to be given opportunities to attend film festivals and collaborate with some awesome outlets. Favourite film of all time is “The Empire Strikes Back” and I may have cried watching “Cars”. I have a soft spot for Stanley Kubrick. I have a drama-documentary on life in Eastern Europe fully written in my head, and a proper adaptation of “The Count of Monte Cristo”. I like good chips and I cannot lie. 

Instagram handle: @alexandra___smile

Twitter handle: @RenaissanceAlx

Co-founder: Christiana, (High school student)

High school student living life through motion pictures and vintage music, aspiring to become a film critic and producer. I’m currently writing for Dissection & Reflection and looking forward to going to uni and studying Film. I wish I could use a time machine and visit a reality in which I have not seen “Dark” and “Interstellar” yet, so I could experience all the emotional turns and witness the mind-blowing plot twists once again. My favourite directors are Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino and Wes Anderson, because their features are quite polar opposites.

Instagram handle: @cristiana_petrache

Twitter handle: @ChristianaFilm

Contributor: Mario, (Author and film reviewer)

Mario Dhingsa is a UK-born, NZ-based, award-winning author; and the creator of #SilverScreenBlack film reviews on Twitter. His favourite film is currently ‘The Hunt for Red October’, but he’s always open to recommendations. Yes, he was an extra in ‘Avatar’ (2009), and yes, James Cameron was great fun.

Twitter handle: @MarioDhingsa

Contributor: Obin. (Data Analyst)

Senior Data Analyst aiming to make cities more sustainable and liveable for all of us. Apart from staring at numbers, letters and maps on a daily basis, I also seem to enjoy staring at moving pictures and then ramble about them quite a bit. I daydream about producing a short film when my mind is set on loose.  Who knows, one day, and that day may never come, I might do myself a favour of actually doing it. I am a soundtrack lover maniac. You can play me any track and if I know the film well, I can tell you the precise scene at which the track occurred. 

Instagram handle: @obinhoood