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Black Mirror: Season 5

By Christiana

Black Mirror: Season 5: Welcome

I have been waiting for a new season for so long and I have to admit I am a bit sad knowing that they are only airing 3 episodes this year. Still, I am so excited for the TV series` return that I already know it is going to be stunning... as usual.

They already showed us how intriguing, yet uncontrollable technology could get in a ( let`s hope) very distant future from now on. But are you ready for the next chapter? I certainly am. The trailer consisted of some nice shots from the new season depicting what could be a possible car chase, a futuristic musical concert and a Japanese video game, featuring Anthony Mackie, Miley Cyrus, Pom Klementieff and many others.

The teaser could have been a bit more adventurous, though it was really good and once again I must say as a fan- it was a nice surprise. I am very interested in watching Miley Cyrus perform and I hope to get that dark, ghastly feeling from the show once again.

Until then, enjoy the trailer.

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