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Red Chairs


International collaborations, articles and interviews featured on different websites:
Biopic Fever (and the Unexpected Virtue of Innovation), film article by Christiana
Troubled Water, film review by Alexandra
Concealer, film review by Christiana
Diane Keaton, film review by Alexandra
Wake Up, film review by Christiana
In Their Own League:
Phantom Lady, book review by Alexandra
Supernova, film review by Alexandra
A Witness Out of the Blue, film review by Alexandra
Top 10 Animated Female Action Heroes, film article by Alexandra
Best Actresses of the Decade: Lupita Nyong'o, film article by Alexandra
Women's History Month: Greta Garbo, film article by Alexandra
Posted on Dissection&Reflection: 
Interview with Anton Volkov
Zavvi blog:
A Million Little Pieces, film review by Alexandra

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