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Elite: Season 3

Spoiler-free review

By Christiana

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On the 13th of March, the Spanish hit TV series, Elite, aired its third instalment on Netflix. The streaming platform, which had produced both previous seasons of the show, is considering producing a fourth and even fifth season in the future. What mostly came as a huge concern to fans all around the globe is the rumour that Netflix is planning on changing the original cast and featuring an entirely new ensemble. This comes as a massive disappointment given how big an impact the current actors have had on the series and how much they have expressed through their iconic characters.


Straightforward, insanely captivating and well-directed would best suit the tension built during the opening scene. The third part of the series definitely made its way to the top of the scoreboard with one of the best first episodes to date. Lying seems to be pretty addictive among the students from Las Encinas, as they keep making bad choices and turning to the wrong people for advice. As long as this goes, the third season proposes an even more dramatic turn of events and adrenaline-filled rides that will make you pull an all-nighter just to finish the show.  





With hardly noticeable omissions in plot to none at all, the show continues to captivate with its effortless up-beat fusion of drama and suspense. The longer it runs, simply the better it becomes. Fresh and fun, better than ever before, the third instalment of the series successfully tops the previous seasons in tension and intensity. Despite assuming a new storyline could not possibly come near as close to success as the first one, or be as full of refreshing experiences as the second one, Elite hit the jackpot again. In essence, this is truly how I would sum up the third season- an entirely pleasing, refreshing experience.

Creators Darío Madrona and Carlos Montero wrote a tangled mystery centering around Polo`s murder and evolving gradually around each and every character. Taking viewers from one character`s perspective to another`s, from a few suppositions about the murderer to the next, it pretty much offers a full emotional journey.


One impressive aspect about Elite, that seems to remain unchanged as the show moves on, is how skillful and consistent the writing is, because unlike several other teen shows owned by Netflix, such as “13 Reasons Why” and “Riverdale”, it actually follows the characters` arch and most of the events take place for well-founded reasons. Unless you are still trying to get the hang of the extremely overrated whodunit mentioned above, or you are, for no obvious reason, still watching the continuous collapse of “Riverdale”, I suggest you try this critically-acclaimed alternative instead.


The right conclusion to a great show, the third season should be the last one, in my opinion, considering the unexpected ending, although I would be pleased to see another season, as well, because of how exciting the ride has been to this day.

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