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Euphoria: Season 1

Spoiler-free review
By Christiana

Euphoria: Season 1 (Spoiler-free): Welcome

`Euphoria` is an intense coming-of-age story about excess, drugs, sex, alcohol and violence. A `Sex Education` meets `13 Reasons Why` meets `On My Block` TV series that focuses on addiction and how much it can affect a teenager`s day-to-day life. In this show, addiction becomes a kind of key factor that makes decisions for the characters as they take action without realising how dangerous the consequences will be. It takes control of the situation; however it is too late to back down now for they are already lost.


It all starts when Rue (Zendaya) - a 16-year-old high school student- goes into a coma after overdosing. As soon as she gets out of rehab, she makes friends with the new girl in that moves into town- Jules- played by Hunter Schafer. Their meant-to-be friendship and explosive personalities come together causing everything to change. Nate Jacobs, portrayed by Jacob Elordi, has an important part in this tale of excess and abuse. As the series goes on, the narrative becomes more and more intense and the tension increases.


A show so raw, shameless and real, yet so emotional sometimes, that successfully makes you empathise with the characters. `Euphoria` has an amazing directing crew consisting of Sam Levinson-who is also the creator of the show-, Pippa Bianco, Augustine Frizzell and Jennifer Morrison (known for `House` and `How I Met Your Mother`). The writing credits go to Sam Levinson, Daphna Levin and Ron Leshem.


A remarkable aspect in directing was using accelerating ticking sounds in the background to imitate something similar to a heart beat whenever Rue was in a tense situation. It was the perfect way of introducing an audience to a story as bold as `Euphoria`.


Zendaya, Maude Apatow (the daughter of film director Judd Apatow) playing Rue`s childhood best friend-Lexi Howard-, Alexa Demie (Maddy Perez), Jacob Elordi as Nate Jacobs, Barbie Ferreira as Kat Hernandez, Hunter Schafer (Jules Vaughn), Algee Smith (Chris McKay) and Sydney Sweeney (Cassie Howard) must have had the time of their life being a part of the show.


With such beautiful acting, `Euphoria` does not fall short of expectations. Jacob Elordi(`The Kissing Booth`) and Zendaya delivered such strong performances, that were topped off by Zendaya`s lovely voice narrating the entire plot.


The nightclubs were a fun feature of the show, because the atmosphere was just dreamy, euphoric. The lights were so colourful and vibrant as you could see the protagonists` faces through the dark, being shone by quick flashes of blue, pink and purple light. Kirsten Coleman and the whole makeup department did a great job creating several distinctive looks.


The ending was pure euphoria… literally. It was a bit of an intimate and confusing ending for a show so loud and dynamic, but it was a good way of finishing the first chapter of Rue’s life. For now it has already been confirmed that a second season will be coming to HBO- next year I assume. It is very professional for a teen programme so I suggest checking it out if you are looking for new series to watch; but before doing so, make sure you are old enough because it has some pretty mature content.

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