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It: Chapter Two

By Christiana

It: Chapter Two: Welcome

The final countdown has officially begun. It`s the ultimate fight for their lives and sanity.

The Losers Club is assembling once again and it is going to be a wild ride. Having read the book made me realise how much I want to see this film and... now that the trailer is out, I am even more excited. I just LOVE the amazing resemblance between the younger actors from the first film and their grown up versions in this one, especially Jessica Chastain`s Beverly. I enjoyed all the flashbacks presented in the trailer, from the image of Beverly returning to her childhood home to the Losers Club meeting that recalled various heartwarming memories.

There is definitely an odd vibe to the film as it gradually deepens into a chilling atmosphere so as to prepare you for Pennywise`s arrival which I assume will be much darker than its debut. I noticed the antagonist looked a bit changed and possibly younger in the scenes from the teaser so I expect to see a few flashbacks with him too. But one thing missing was Pennywise`s specific voice, which I did not really hear. I was looking for a much more high-pitched voice, as the one I remembered and adored once I heard Bill Skarsgard do it in the first movie.

All in all, I was impressed with how great the trailer turned out to be and I am waiting to see what`s next. 

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