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By Christiana


The Joker is as breathtaking as ever under Todd Phillips` command. Follow the tragic untold story that begins with a mentally ill comedian who has an unsettling medical condition that makes him suffer from pathological laughter. Embark on this twisted voyage and prepare to be changed forever when you enter a world of misery, disdain and progressive human degradation.


This psychological thriller depicts Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) struggling to be accepted by a callous society while working as a clown in the freezing cold streets and enduring horrid beatings to keep his job. The only gateway to optimism which helps him maintain his sanity is his lifelong dream and ambition to become a professional comedian. Motivated by the lack of humanity in those around him, he takes a radical turn and joins a dark path that later leads him to becoming the Joker. As from that moment, he can but witness his life being shattered in front of him.


Director Todd Phillips, who's best known for his contribution to the comedic side of the cinema with productions like 'The Hangover' trilogy, does a 180 degree turn diving deep into a universe defined by chaos and crime. His latest film is by far the most complex he has ever been involved in. He has previously stated during multiple interviews that the film is not connected to the DCEU and the lack of any other DC comics’ characters- besides a young Batman- was probably one of the cleverest ideas for the plot. Doing so, the film gains a certain gravity that is beneficial for the character and is best suited if the Joker is in some way 'separated' from the others.


A true piece of art, “Joker” is not a typical comic book origin story. It brings so much to the table, paving a new path for future DC adaptations of such accuracy and importance. With a script as unpredictable as its protagonist, it makes it very difficult for audiences to disapprove of Phillips` signature style of co-writing and directing. His work of great precision is centered around essential little details regarding Arthur's life and hidden origins. Phillips will most definitely take centre stage at the Academy Awards this year considering the magnitude of his latest project.

Joaquin Phoenix will take the Oscars by storm, thanks to his brave portrayal that is magnificent, as well as oddly exhilarating. Despite being regarded as a bold choice for the part by some, Phoenix gives one of the most refreshing performances of the decade, adding an exciting new edge to the character- sensitivity. Watching him go through pain, loneliness and sorrow triggers emotions of considerable depth that undeniably affect each member of the audience.

As soon as he steps into character, his uniqueness is complimented by the original score and cold-toned cinematography. A vintage set reminiscent of “Taxi Driver”, an eerie soundtrack composed by Hildur Guðnadóttir and an epic script put together by a true perfectionist are just a few of the distinctive features of the film. Without a doubt the strongest contender for this year`s Academy Award statuette, “Joker” tells the disturbing story of a lonely man who lost all his hope while unsuccessfully attempting to fit in a hostile society.

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