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Marriage Story

Review by Alexandra
(London Film Festival)

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Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson do a fantastic job playing Charlie and Nicole, a married couple going through a divorce which spans the US from New York to LA. Nicole is a great actress and Charlie is a "genius director" and they both work in Charlie's theatre company.

Born in LA, Nicole moved to New York to be with Charlie, and gave up screen acting for theatre. She didn't give up the thought of moving back to LA at some point in their life. However, according to Nicole, once they had a child, the possibility of returning to LA seemed more and more distant.

Resentment and distance build up and the two decide to separate, but to part ways amicably and without involving lawyers.

Things do not pan out as smoothly as they'd envisioned and before they know it, things get ugly and they are at each other's throat.

It's a beautiful film, that becomes more and more harrowing as it explores human relationships.
It is a touch feminist, and props go for Laura Dern's character, Nora Fanshaw, a divorce lawyer who does her best to fight attorneys Bert Spitz (Alan Alda) and Jay (Ray Liotta) and to pour a touch of wisdom in Nicole's cup while doing so.

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