May 4th-10th

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By Alexandra

Based on the eponymous novel by Susan Scarf Merrell, "Shirley" follows a young couple as they move in with writer Shirley Jackson (Elizabeth Moss) and her husband, professor Stanley Hyman (Michael Stuhlbarg), unaware that they are about to become the inspiration for Jackson's new novel.

Director Josephine Decker received the U.S. Dramatic Special Jury award at Sundance 2020 for Auteur Filmmaking for "Shirley".

The film is scheduled for release on 5 June 2020.


The King of Staten Island

By Christiana

Judd Apatow and Pete Davidson team up in this exciting dramedy focusing of the life of an aspiring tattoo artist who lost his father during a 9/11 intervention. "The King of Staten Island" is based on Pete Davidson`s life story and it is expected to be an ode to firemen and women everywhere.

Marisa Tomei, Bill Burr and Maude Apatow are among the stars in this cast, who will also feature special appearances by Steve Buscemi and Colson Baker.

"The King of Staten Island" will be available on demand from June 12th.


Bonus news of the week


Joe Exotic TV series news

By Christiana

Nicolas Cage is set to play "Tiger King" `s Joe Exotic in an upcoming 8-episode show.


Tom Cruise & SpaceX film news

By Christiana

Tom Cruise is teaming up with Elon Musk`s SpaceX to produce the first film ever shot in space.


"Star Wars" film news

By Christiana

Taika Waititi is officially directing and co-writing a new "Star Wars" film with Oscar-nominated screenwriter, Krysty Wilson-Cairns (1917).


"Scream Queens: Season 3" news

By Christiana

Ryan Murphy is officially developing the third part of "Scream Queens". He is also thinking about changing the theme of the 10th season of "American Horror Story".


"Pirates of the Caribbean" reboot news

By Christiana

Karen Gillan is reportedly being considered for the leading role in an upcoming reboot of the "Pirates of the Caribbean".


"John Wick" spin-off news

By Christiana

Chloë Grace Moretz is being eyed for an upcoming "John Wick" spin-off, entitled "Ballerina".


"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" film news

By Christiana

A new "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" film is reportedly going to feature an older version of Leatherface.


"Dark Days at the Magna Carta" news

By Christiana

"Stranger Things" `s Shawn Levy is officially joined by Blake Lively in the upcoming apocalyptic thriller "Dark Days at the Magna Carta".


Sam Raimi sci-fi thriller news

By Christiana

Sam Raimi is teaming up with "A Quiet Place" `s writers to create a new science-fiction feature.


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