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Stranger Things

Season 3

By Christiana

Stranger Things: Season 3: Welcome

So the new trailer for the third season of Stranger Things is out and... it is AWESOME, ok?

The adventure takes place in 1985.

At the beginning of the trailer, I realised Dustin said he is home (so I guess he went to a science camp or something similar) and the guys threw a welcome-home party for him. A really surprising thing was seeing the friendship between Max and Eleven because they had a hard time meeting each other in season 2, when Eleven was busy saving the town from all the demogorgons. 

A line that stuck in my head was that they are not kids anymore, so I expect to see everyone on their own path as Steve gets a new job at the Starcourt Mall`s ice cream parlor `Scoops Ahoy` and Billy gets to be the lifeguard at the local swimming pool. Nancy and Jonathan seem to be interested in the Hawkins Post as I imagine they want to tell a new story about what is actually going on in Hawkins (as they did in the previous season with Barb`s case).

I am so excited to see what will be going on at the Fun Fair and also...did you notice the weird mark on Billy`s hand and the dark veins on his eyes? And Lucas` sister -Erica- hanging out with the gang. And what is going on with that huge monster at the end?

Ugh, isn`t it 4th of July already??

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