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Star Wars IX- The Rise of Skywalker

By Alexandra

Quick rant

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: Welcome

Darkness. Panting. Panting intensifies. Panting subsides.

Rey finds herself in the desert again. What is it with Skywalkers and the desert (not implying Rey is a Skywalker)? She reaches within to calm herself with the help of the Force, while Luke's voice tells her "we passed on all we know"- and we feel the weight of immaterial Jedi all converging as one...

...then she does a flip. 

Kylo has one of those forest fights he's so fond of (not wearing any mask, interesting), while Lando has a laugh with Chewie. 

The droids are back again and Leia hugs what looks like... Rey's body double?

We get told that "no one's ever really gone" as Palpatine (Snoke?) seals off the trailer à la Thriller. 

A rather emotionless trailer for a tired-looking franchise. Let's see how the film pans out. It looks like Disney is banking on bringing all the beloved characters (read droids) into the film to nurse some of the Episode VIII disappointment. I hope it will work out and not turn into an ill-assorted buffet. 

(Thank God) the saga comes to an end. 

Trailer below. 

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