August 5th-11th

Trailers reaction


Carnival Row

By Christiana

This August 30th, Orlando Bloom (Rycroft Philostrate) and Cara Delevingne (Vignette Stonemoss) will be a part of the fantastic world of Carnival Row. In a distant time, on a distant realm, where various peculiar creatures coexist and humans are at war with fairies, one unfortunate event will turn their lives upside down.

If you are a big fan of fantasy worlds, then you will have the best time discovering Amazon`s newest series.


The Addams Family

By Christiana

This year`s adaptation of the timeless classic will be an animated feature and it seems like a lot of fun. In the new trailer about America`s spookiest family we get to see a fresh and exciting version of the beloved characters.

Charlize Theron will star as Morticia and Oscar Isaac will be playing Gomez, while Finn Wolfhard and Chloë Grace Moretz will be Pugsley and Wednesday Addams. Snoop Dogg is going to be Cousin It... now this is what I call hilarious!

It is definitely going to be a film destined for a younger audience thanks to all the pop culture references, but it could be a nice film for adults as well. I really enjoyed watching the teaser and I am looking forward to watching the film this October 11th, although it would have an additional scary vibe if it was set for Halloween.


Honey Boy

By Alexandra

Based on a screenplay by Shia LaBeouf, "Honey boy" is a cathartic form of therapy LaBeouf wrote while he was in rehab. It explores his childhood and his relationship with his father and it is directed by his friend Alma Har'el.

If we're to judge by the trailer, the cast puts on a great performance, particularly from child actor Noah Jupe -who plays young Otis- (the protagonist of the story), an actor trying to reconcile with his father.


A Million Little Pieces

By Christiana

A drug addict who is in denial has to make the ultimate choice to survive- either refuse to seek treatment and live what is left of his delusional life or embrace his condition and focus on getting better.

The controversial book-turned-film directed by Sam Taylor- Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey) includes Aaron Taylor- Johnson (as James Frey), Charlie Hunnam, Billy Bob Thornton and Juliette Lewis in its cast.

With several impactful scenes regarding James Frey`s battle with addiction, the film looks very promising and impressively built.


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