July 29th-August 4th

Trailers reaction


The Hunt

By Alexandra

Crystal is clearly on the run, looking like she is being followed. When she pops in a shop and the owners fail to tell her where she is, hell breaks loose.

It seems that an elite bunch has acquired a location (which seems to be Croatia, based on the flag from the car plates?) where they hunt humans for sport. Chilling. Very chilling. I mean, what would you do if you woke up in a clearing and learnt that you had to run and hide for your life? And for how long would you be able to do it?

In this Black-Mirror-meets-The-Hunger-Games-like feature, the prey becomes the predator.


The Lighthouse

By Christiana

An insane black-and-white feature that is going to make you scared and confused the moment you see it. The trailer looks great, although to be honest I have not understood anything that was going on because there is just so much going on. The story is set in the 1890`s and the film really captured the spooky atmosphere of the lighthouse in which it takes place.

So far, I have only heard good things about it at the Cannes Film Festival and many of those who have seen it were impressed by Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe`s performances.

It seems to be an exceptional psychological drama and I am certainly going to see it because I am truly curious about the story behind it.


Little Monsters

By Alexandra

What would you do if your school trip was stopped by…slow zombies who don’t seem to notice much of what’s happening around them? Judging from the trailer, “Little Monsters” is fun, light-hearted, and gore-y.

There is the resilient teacher who is trying to protect the children from zombies, both physically and by telling them the zombies are part of a game, a flamboyant presenter who does everything he can to stay alive (including biting one of the children?), some…guy who helps chaperone the kids on the trip and of course, the kids- who seem very brave in the face of peril.

Pretty good trailer, with some jump scares, some laughter and a couple of serious moments, let’s see what the film brings. Let’s see how it turns out compared to the original `Little Monsters`.


The Irishman

By Alexandra

Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci? Biographical crime film? Yes, please!  After having worked on some of the greatest crime films (“Goodfellas”, “Taxi Driver”) together, Martin Scorsese and CGI-ed Robert De Niro return for “The Irishman”, the story of a vet-turned-hitman.

The trailer presents beautiful cinematography and lighting, with cuts that embody the essence of a Scorsese film, strewn over an enrapturing score. Italian restaurants, mysterious phone calls and “work” that requires one’s presence in the middle of the night…yep, classic Scorsese crime story that is bound to be a hit.  This limited feature will be streaming on Netflix and the pressure is high on the filmmakers.



By Christiana

Wait... what was it again? ... Dunkirk?? No, it was Sam Mendes` `1917`-a World War 1 film that looks exactly like Christopher Nolan`s Dunkirk.

Right from the beginning, when you hear that ticking clock in the background followed by the words “Time is the enemy”, to the coincidental way that some bombs happen to explode right behind a running soldier on the battle field (exactly like Dunkirk, except that one was on a beach) and all the way to the title being spelled out using colour gradients on an actual picture from the film as a background... you guessed it-just like in Dunkirk.

At first, I was genuinely excited about this film when I heard about its casting- I mean... Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard Madden and Andrew Scott? Absolutely speechless.

But what about the fact that it does not look original at all? We`ll have to talk about this in December when 1917 hits film theatres.


13 Reasons Why: Season 3

By Christiana

Apparently, a year after finishing a rather dull second season and deciding I was done with `13 Reasons Why` for good, Netflix found a way to make me intrigued again. In an unexpectedly good brand-new trailer for the third season, it turns out all the secrets the Liberty High School students have been keeping are far from over, because the truth is about to come out one last time.

After Hannah`s trial, one of these teenagers killed Bryce Walker... but who was it? “Given the right circumstances, the right motivation, anyone could have done this” (or so, this is all we get from the trailer); but fun fact-Netflix also revealed a website along with this teaser, where you can get more information about each character`s narrative in the new season and investigate Bryce`s case for yourself.

Pretty amazing so far, but is it going to be worth the wait in the end? Watch the third season on the 23rd of August to find out.


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